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Sarathi in news: since 2012


“The purohit has to fast but it is up to other people whether they want to fast or not. It’s just that if you do not fast then you cannot offer the pushpanjali. We don’t hold any animal sacrifices but we do offer an ash gourd as a sacrifice,” said Mita Pal, an organiser of the Sarathi Kali Puja at Koramangala

Other major pandals in city

* Sarathi Socio-cultural Trust: Mangala Kalyana Mantapa, 80 Ft Road, Koramangala, 8th Block (near Aangan restaurant)

In Koramangala, the pandal by Sarathi Cultural Association is more contemporary in terms of the crowd and the stalls. With many popular restaurants putting up their stalls here, visitors can feast their tastebuds with Hyderabadi biryani, fish fry and rice or even cutlets and rolls. 


“Earlier all the Bengalis of this city had to travel all the way to Ulsoor for Kali puja. So, we decided to conduct a puja in Koramangala itself. We formed an association, 'Sarathi Socio Cultural Trust' and started celebrating Kali puja besides the usual Durga puja,” said Sudipto Das, member of Sarathi socio-cultural Trust of Koramangala.

Nowadays, even the non-bengalis have joined in this celebration. Says Saurav Mathur, a resident of Sarjapur road, “I was associated with a group which used to organise Durga puja. Since then, I have been heavily influenced with all these pujas.”

Sarathi Cultural Association, near Ganesh Temple, 80 Ft Road, Koramangala

Durgotsav 2012, which would be celebrated by the Sarathi Socio Cultural Trust at Mangala Kalyana Mantapa, is one of the major events. One of the organisers said there are various fun-filled activities lined up, some of which include performances by Bengali pop artistes and bands along with a homemade food fiesta.

Sarathi Socio-Cultural Trust is organizing its 10th edition of the Puja. The 5-day cultural extravaganza, called Sammad, will be held at Mangala Kalyana Mantapa, 8th Block, 80 Feet Road, Koramangala. "We encourage all people, irrespective of community, to participate in the Puja," said Sudipto Das, a member of Sarathi.

“We would be bringing the original old idol of Durga during the puja this year. We have been distributing free bhog everyday and will have a lot of cultural programmes during the festival,” says Alok Basu, the chairman of the Sarathi Socio-Cultural Trust in Koramangala. 

“If (the) IT (sector) as such doesn’t pick up, it’s very tough for events to happen in Bangalore,” said Sudipto Das, who handles cultural events at the Sarathi Socio-Cultural Trust, which organises the Puja at Koramangala, a locality home to many IT firms and professionals.

“Finance is tough this year also,” said Das, adding that the number of small sponsors “has reduced a lot”.

The Koramangala puja, which sees at least 1.5 lakh to 2 lakh visitors over the four days, will spend around Rs 18-19 lakh as against Rs 22 lakh last year in an attempt to optimise costs, he said.

Sammad 2014: Cultural fiesta during Durga Puja from 29th Sept to 3rd Oct, 2014

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Details of Cultural Program: Sammad 2012

Sarathi 2012 Schedule & Event Map

Evening Programs (6:30pm onwards)
1. 19th Oct, Friday, Panchami
         a. 6:30pm to 8:00pm: Anandamela (Home Made Food Fiesta)
         b. 8pm onwards: Swapan Basu (Bengali Folk)
2. 20th Oct, Saturday, Shashti
         a. 6:30 to 7:15 pm: Kohal (Contemporary & Retro Music)
         b. 7:15pm to 8pm: Inauguration
         c. 8pm onwards: Krosswindz (Bengali Rock/Folk)
3. 21st Oct, Sunday, Saptami
         a. 6:30pm to 7:30pm: Durga Bandana (Semi Classical Dance)
         b. 8pm onwards: Saptarshi Mukherjee (BengaliContemporary Music)
4. 22nd Oct, Monday, Ashtami
         a. 6:30 to 7:15pm: Bengali Songs
         b. 7:15pm to 8pm: Governor's Address
         c. 8pm onwards: June Banerjee (Hindi/Bengali Contemporary Music)

5. 23rd Oct, Tuesday, Navami
         a. 6:30pm to 7:30pm: Bollywood Dance
        b. 8pm onwards: Emon Chatterjee (Hindi/Bengali Contemporary Music)

2012 - Our 10th Year

The year 2012 marks tenth year of our celebration. Had it not been for your cooperation and participation, we wouldn’t have come this far. Looking back at the first year, when we rented a small Kalyan Mantapa opposite Koramangala Police Station in 2003, it seems like we’re now in a new age, specially this year, when Radio Mirchi has partnered with us to make the tenth year a grand event and a gala celebration.
We’re thankful to Radio Mirchi for their support.

His Excellency, Dr. Hansraj Bhardwaj, the Governor of Karnataka, has consented to inaugurate this year’s festival on 22nd October, Monday, Ashtami.

The highlights of the professional cultural events for this year are:

  • A Sizzling Performance by Kunal Ganjawala on 21st October, Sunday, Saptami
  • The Scent of Bengal – An Evening with Swapan Basu featuring Bengali Folk Songs on 19th October, Friday, Panchami
  • An Evening on the Rocks – A performance by Krosswindz on 20th October, Saturday, Shashti
  • Contemporary Bengali & Hindi songs by

                o June Banerjee on 22nd October, (Monday, Ashtami)
                o Emon Chatterjee and Sukanya Ghosh on 23rd October (Tuesday, Navami)

The other usual attractions are the in-house programs:

  •     Kohal – Retro and Contemporary Music: 20th October (Shashti)
  •     Durga Bandana – Semi Classical Choreography: 21st October (Saptami)
  •     Rabindra Sangeet and Modern Bengali songs: 22nd October (Ashtami)
  •     Bollywood Dance: 23rd October (Navami)

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Attractions of 2011

No doubt this year we would be hosting one of our greatest events till date. To start with, we're breaking the ground with none other than Kavita Krishnamurty on Shashthi, that's 2nd October. Being a Sunday we're sure that most of your guys would find it convenient to come to our arena and enjoy a wonderful evening. I don't think we need to give you any introduction about our star artiste.

I know that there are other attractions at other places during Durga Puja. You would get to see some famous personalities from Calcutta. But we at Sarathi Socio Cultural Trust believe in always surprising you something. Our events are meant to give you a wholesome entertainment. If you've been a regular at our shows you already know what our USP is. We believe in entertaining not only you, but your kids, your parents, your friends who don't speak Bengali. Our motto is to entertain whoever comes to our place, whoever comes with you. Many programs may be rich in Bengali culture or tradition but it may not be appreciated by everyone. We never forget that being in Bangalore we can't be too regional. Bengali culture and tradition is great, no doubt. But as they say, when in Rome be a Roman. Wen out of Bengal be an Indian rather than a Bengali. That's the motivation of having lot of Hindi programs. We're proud to associate us with not only the Bengali people of Bangalore but also with anyone who chooses to stop by the Mangala Kalyan Mantapa.

And from that point of view none other than Kavita Krishnamurty can represent a pan Indian event. She speaks Bengali, sings Bengali songs and her fame as a Hindi playback singer is beyond any debate.

Apart from Kavita Krishnamurty we have Indian Blues, a fusion band featuring a grandson of Ustad Ali Akbar Khan Saheb. Last year they had performed on Shashthi and had mesmerized with their unique music - they did Beatles, accompanied by Sarod. Isn't that fabulous. They would be enthralling you this time on Saptami, 3rd October.

Lastly, we have the young star from Calcutta - Iman!! Do a google search on him. He would be your Indian Idol on Navami!!

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Our new site:


This is to inform you all that our home page has changed from to Please circulate among your acquaintances about this.


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Sarathi Live Recordings (From the archives)

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Kohal (Playlist)

Rockin-Kiddos (Playlist)

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Kohal: Audio Recording of Live performance @ Sammad 2010 (Saptami)

1Aaj Kaal Tere Mere Pyaar Ke Charche3:18Play (Double click)
2Kohal - 2010-I-(01)4:12Play (Double click)
3Baar Baar Dekho3:38Play (Double click)
4Chand Sifarish3:50Play (Double click)
5Chanda Re4:42Play (Double click)
6Kohal - 2010-I-(01)5:10Play (Double click)
7Do Labzon Ki3:23Play (Double click)
8Iktara3:57Play (Double click)
9Kajra Mohabbat Wala3:12Play (Double click)
10Mera Naam Chin Chin Choo3:33Play (Double click)
11O Sajna (part)0:57Play (Double click)
12Ode To Joy1:06Play (Double click)
13Prithu II0:29Play (Double click)
14Rafi intro - Aap Ke Haseen Rukh7:26Play (Double click)

Audio Recording of Live performances @ Sammad 2010


Friends of Fusion

Srabani Sen


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Souvenir 2010

সারথীর তরফ থেকে যাঁরা আমাদের একান্ত সহযোগী, সহকর্মী এবং শুভাকাঙ্খী, আপনাদের সকলকে জানাই ২০১১র শারদীয়ার প্রীতি ও শুভেচ্ছা। আপনাদের সকলের ভালোবাসা, সাহায্য এবং শুভকামনা সারথীকে প্রত্যেক বছর আগের চেয়ে আরও বড়, আর আরও বেশী সাফল্যমণ্ডিত করে তোলে। প্রত্যেক বছর আমরা আরও বেশী দৃঢ়তার সাথে এগিয়ে চলি সারথীর দুর্গোৎসবকে একেবারে নতুন করে সাজিয়ে তুলতে আপনাদের জন্য। এইবারেও রইল আমাদের সেই প্রয়াস – আমাদের আশা আমরা আবার আপনাদের মন জয় করতে পারব।
এইবছর আমাদের এই বার্ষিকী পত্রিকার একটা বিশেষ উদ্দেশ্য আছে। আপনাদের হয়ত বলে দিতে হবে না যে এই বছরটি বাঙালীদের কাছে একটা বিশষ কারণে একটু বেশী প্রিয়, একটু বেশী আপন-আপন – এই বছরটি রবীন্দ্রানাথের জন্মের শার্ধশত বর্ষ, আর সেই কারণেই আমাদের বড় কাছের মানুষটিকে নিয়ে আমরা হয়তো একটু বেশীই আনন্দ করব, বেশী নাচানাচি করব, বেশী করে জড়িয়ে রাখব আমাদের সব কাজে, সব খেলায়, সব মাখামাখিতে, সব খামখেয়ালীতে, সব পার্বণে, সব উৎসবে। আমাদের সাথে দাড়িওয়ালা মানুষটা এতো বেশী ভাবে সব কিছুর মধ্যে মিশে থাকে যে আমরা হয়ত সব সময়ই একটা কারণ খুঁজি মানুষটাকে আমাদের মাঝে ধড়ে বেঁধে টেনে আনার। এই বছর এতও বড় একটা কারণ আমরা কি করে হাতছাড়া করি বলুন? তাই আমাদের এবার পত্রিকার বিষয় হল শুধু রবিন্দ্রনাথ!

রবিন্দ্রনাথকে কে নিয়ে এত বেশী লেখালেখি হয়েছে, আর আমরা এত বেশী পড়েছি যে নতুন কিছু খুঁজে বার করা খুব একটা সোজা ব্যপার না। আমরা সে প্রয়াসও করি নি – আমরা কিছুটা গঙ্গাজলে গঙ্গা পূজা করার চেষ্টা করেছি। রবিন্দ্রনাথের কিছু লেখা ত থাকছেই, তার সাথে থাকছে ওঁনাকে নিয়ে বা ওঁনার সম্বন্ধে লেখা কিছু তথাকথিত স্বল্প প্রচারিত কিন্তু যথেষ্ট গুতুত্বপূর্ণ রচনা – আর না হয় কিছু নাই বললাম, বাকিটা আপনারা নিজেরাই পড়ে নিন।


Part I

  1. Presentation Speech by Harald Hjärne, Chairman of the Nobel Committee of the Swedish Academy, on December 10, 1913
  2. Telegram from Rabindranath Tagore, read by Mr. Clive, British Chargé d'Affaires, at the Nobel Banquet at Grand Hôtel, Stockholm, December 10, 1913
  3. Tagore’s letter to Lord Chelmsford, the Viceroy, repudiating his Knighthood in protest for Jalianwallahbag mass killing
  4. Biography
  5. Life and Selected Works
  6. Introduction to Gitanjali, by W B Yeats, 1912
  7. Tagore and His India, by Amartya Sen, 28th August, 2001
  8. Kabir’s Poems – Translated to English by Tagore (First fifty verses)
  9. Conversations: Tagore and Einstein
  10. Tagore and Gandh
  11. Tagore in USA
  12. Tagore: Different Moods

Part II
Selected Bengali Works

  1. শেষের কবিতা – অমিত এবং লাবণ্যের দেখা Chapter I Chapter II Chapter V
  2. ভারতবর্ষের ইতিহাস
  3. বাউলের গান
Schedule & Committees
Vande Mataram

Schedule of various events: 2010-11

Durga Puja 2010

This is quite late but better late than never - here on behalf of the cultural committee we're letting you know everything that's in our mind. this is a long mail so people who're busy please go through the first section where summarizing everything.

First of all thanks to Bubai, Saikat, Sujit-da, Arijit and others who have tried effortlessly to raise funds for cultural programs and we're delighted to announce that the response has been just awesome - we'll surely exceed our expectation. Also I'd like to thank all of you who'd given us the confidence in going ahead with our plan even when we're not sure about the financing.

We'e still working on getting something jazzy on panchami - let that be a surprise.
Apart from this there are the usual in-house programs:

  • Sarathi Choir - Shashti
  • Dance directed by Ujjoini - Navami
  • Kohal - Saptami
  • Kids' Events: Boogie-Woogie, Recitation competition, Drawing competition - during day times
  • Youth Event: Antakshari

Some special events are

  • Chandalika (Shashthi)
  • Meeting the crew of Autograph on the eve of the film's Bangalore release (Ashtami)
  • Compositions of Ali Akbar Khan presented by his own grandson (Panchami)

(Busy people may hang up now)
Now some more details.

About media coverage
There have been comparisons with the media coverage some other Durga Puja is getting. It's really commendable that someone is doing it in a big way and getting all the media coverage but I'd like to iterate the point that we're doing this event for a social cause and that holds good even if we're not putting up a gallery for Kuvempu and Girish Karnad or not calling Shan and Hariprasad Chaurasia. For thousands of years the festivals of India have been efficient and fast vehicles and distribution channels to distribute wealth to a wide range of people - out of the 18-20L we're spending we're paying only 1.5L as remuneration to artistes and the entire remaining amount is being spent on services, logistics, infrastructure, food etc, all of which are essential commodities in India's economy. There are very few other channels where such a big amount of money percolates down from the relatively upper levels. If any corporate compares us with any other Association please bring this up. Spending 15L on Shan doesn't add any penny to the economically striving people, but spending 18L entirely on logistics, food and services - what we do - add much more to India's economy.
Also there are talks that what we're doing to celebrate Tagore's 150th birth anniversary. Well, anyone who have read Tagore properly and loves him would like to celebrate his birthday not by singing his songs on one particular day. More important is to follow his footsteps and realizing his dreams of a literate, aware, fearless and a healthy society. If anyone wants to say that someone else is doing more than us to celebrate Tagore's 150th birth day please let them know that we don't believe in celebrating his birthday only once a year - we is within us every day, in every function we organize and everything we do.
All of you're brand ambassadors of Sarathi and hence I felt you should have enough ammunition to fight against anyone who points out something negative about us.

About the crew of Autograph

Sarathi has many connections with the movie. Our beloved Priyam was the assistant music director of the movie and the movie has been dedicated to him. More over one of the songs has been sung by Saptarshi, who has performed for Sarathi quite a few times in the past - he was a part of Kohal. The director, Riju (Srijit Mukherjee) organized the Antakshari last year for Sarathi.

Web presence

Here we need some help. Please do whatever you can do to flood the web with anything and everything about Sarathi. If you need material please contact me. If anyone searches for Durga Puja in Bangalore in google, ours should come in the top five listings - that's what should be our target.

We've a blog site - it's, please go there and hundred times everyday and write something in the comments section - that will increase our visibility in google's search engine.

That's it for now.